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KL-retainer Maßbild

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Ordernumber Size / Identifier Material group Surface Article no. d1bb Toleranceh1h1 Toleranceh2h2 Tolerancesa (without tension)a Permissible differenceMax. axial thrust approx. N¹Mass (kg) per 100 piecesd2d2 Permissible differencemm Permissible differencez Shop
1 for shafts of 500 N/mm² tensile strength
2 dimensional variations according to DIN 2768, medium
3 size 16 may be used for shafts with diameter 16 or 18 mm
* size 24 may be used for shafts with diameter 20 or 25 mm
KL-retainers | 3 mbo 09 | electr. galvanised white | Steel

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  • 10 09 0000 0003/014
  • 3 mbo 09
  • Steel
  • electr. galvanised white
  • spring band steel, hardened and annealed to 1450 to 1600 N/mm² tensile strength


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Providing reliable retention in the event of axial forces on shafts requires components with special properties.
suitable for every tactic and always systematic

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