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Parallel key DIN 6885 form A Maßbild

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Ordernumber Size / Identifier Material group Surface Article no. Width bHeight hfor shaft diameter d1 abovefor shaft diameter d1 up toShaft groove width bShaft groove depth t1 [with back clearance]Shaft groove depth t1 [or oversize permiss. diff.]Hub groove width bHub groove depth t2 [with back clearance]Hub groove depth t2 [with oversize]Hub groove depth t2 permiss. diff.d2 minimum dimension d1+Bevelled/Rounded r1 min.Bevelled/Rounded r1 max.Rounding of groove bottom r2 max.Rounding of groove bottom r2 min.Length lLength l permiss. diff. FederLength l permiss. diff. Nut Shop
r1 chamfering (all sides), bevelled or rounding of manufacturer's choice
r2 rounding of groove bottom for shaft and hub
Parallel keys DIN 6885 form A | A 2x2x6 | bright | Steel

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  • 10 37 0202 0060/001
  • A 2x2x6
  • Steel
  • bright
  • steel St 50-1 K or St 60-2 K or 1.0503 (C45K) according to DIN 6880 and DIN 1652


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