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Folding spring bolts (suitable for clevises)

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Mounting and removal is possible without tools!
Folding spring bolts (suitable for clevises) | FKB 4x8 | electr. galvanised white | Steel

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  • 10 01 0004 8001/014
  • FKB 4x8
  • Steel
  • electr. galvanised white
  • bolt: undercut steel 1.0718 (11SMnPb30+C), tensile strength approx. 460-810 N/mm², alternative: thermal treatment steel C45 or C45Pb induction-hardened (of manufacturer's choice), hardening depth: approx. 0,5 mm, alternative: 1.0718 hardend by soft nitriding, hardening depth: approx. 0,03 mm

    spring: spring band steel C60 up to Ck75 hardened and annealed to approx. 430-500 HV


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