Stand: 18.12.2017

angle joint

Angle joints (DIN 71802), also called ball joints, act as linking and guide elements for moving parts and create corner joints. These supplied parts can decisively simplify constructions, serve to transfer force in the event of axial offset, transfer movements and are indispensable in all mechanical actions such as damping, pulling, folding, levering, etc. And thatÔÇÖs not all. Ball sockets (DIN 71805), ball joints (DIN 71803) and co. are just as varied in their geometry, appearance and design as the ideas of design engineers. Standard parts are available in all possible regular sizes, versions and material qualities for most industrial applications. As well as the angle joints according to DIN 71802 consisting of ball sockets according to DIN 71805 and ball studs according to DIN 71803 all possible variations are constantly ready for calling for the customers. Even the type of surface protection can be chosen, such as e.g. bright, galvanised, steel or stainless steel. Angle joints with sealing cap are offered especially for problematic ambient conditions (dust, lubricants, etc.). The gap between the ball socket and the ball stud is covered and sealed by a sealing cap. This provides the best protection against destruction by environmental influences. Axial joints complete the programme.


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