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Product development

Product development

No customer request is too big or too unusual for us


Do you need more than just a standard linking element? Do you have any special requirements? We provide detailed advice and develop tailored, innovative suggestions.


Thanks to our many years of experience we know exactly how your project has to be intelligently and efficiently implemented. No job is too difficult for us. Quite the opposite – the more complex the requirements, the more appealing it is for us to come up with a fantastic solution.


In good hands from start to finish


First we establish together with you the boundary conditions for your project. Then our development team elaborates concepts. In this phase already our specialists recognise the potential for optimisation.


Any changes requested by you are implemented by our specialists directly. At the end you receive prototypes or samples for a detailed test phase.


We accompany you through the entire development process and are on hand to provide help and advice.


From idea to realisation


It doesn’t matter whether you come to us with quite concrete specifications or just with a vague idea, and whether the part in question is a simple turned part or a highly complex subassembly: our specialists will come up with a clever solution.

From idea to realisation


mbo News

The entrepreneurs Andreas Osswald and Hanna Osswald are pressing ahead with new innovations.

50 years of mbo Osswald

From manufacturer of bolts to driver of innovation in mechanical linking technology


mbo Exhibitions

Motek 2017 - Stuttgart, Germany

Motek 2017 - Stuttgart, Germany

9. to 12. October / Hall 8 Booth 8231