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12. April 2017

50 years of mbo Osswald

From manufacturer of bolts to driver of innovation in mechanical linking technology[more]

10. March 2016

Individually configurable “pocket power-packs” for mechanical load transmission

Precision-manufactured special clevises deliver perfect load transmission[more]

29. September 2015

Durable linking elements in demand

Angle joints made from corrosion-resistant materials offer increased service lives even in the toughest environments[more]

08. April 2015

New: Clevis with additional thread makes anti-rotation mounting possible

Clevises and clevis joints from mbo Osswald are now available with a further option, an additional thread. This makes it possible to mount clevises without rotation.[more]

16. October 2014

Retainers prevent axial withdrawal on bolts and shafts

Providing reliable retention in the event of axial forces on shafts requires components with special properties.[more]

17. April 2014

mbo Osswald is your development partner for mechanical joint combinations

Solving complex problems in the field of mechanical joint combinations calls for a huge amount of specialised knowledge and experience. This is because these joints must satisfy a wide range of requirements and should also offer...[more]

03. April 2014

New to the product range: parallel pins

mbo Osswald, the linking technology specialist, has further extended its product range to include parallel pins.[more]

19. March 2014

Turned parts from the bar – precise, fast and 100% reliable

The awarding of orders for precision turned parts is a question of trust. It’s a good thing that the specialist here has huge production experience and knows what strengthens the competitiveness of the users in the long term. [more]

27. November 2013

Angle joints – the ideal form of load transmission and motion

Large variety of variants creates individual solutions for a wide range of applications[more]

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50 years of mbo Osswald

From manufacturer of bolts to driver of innovation in mechanical linking technology


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