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D-97900 Külsheim-Steinbach, Germany
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Full service from a single source


We also manufacture on request complete subassemblies. And, if you wish, we will also assemble, package, label and stockpile the components according to your specifications.


full service


This can mean that we also have access to your internal stocks-on-hand and will deliver to you automatically as soon as minimum stock levels are indicated. Why not discuss this with us – virtually everything is possible.


mbo News

The entrepreneurs Andreas Osswald and Hanna Osswald are pressing ahead with new innovations.

50 years of mbo Osswald

From manufacturer of bolts to driver of innovation in mechanical linking technology


mbo Exhibitions

Motek 2017 - Stuttgart, Germany

Motek 2017 - Stuttgart, Germany

9. to 12. October / Hall 8 Booth 8231