mbo Oßwald
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Steingasse 13
D-97900 Külsheim-Steinbach, Germany
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mbo Osswald - partner to industry!

mbo Osswald is a reliable partner to industry whenever mechanical linking
elements and joint combinations of any type are needed. Clever ideas and many years of industry know-how ensure that we work efficiently towards specific goals and give us a genuine competitive edge.


We manufacture exclusively in our plant in the small town of Kuelsheim-Steinbach in Baden-Wuerttemberg and always have more than 12,000 standard parts in stock for you.


We also specialise in manufacturing to drawing parts and components which are intended for very special applications in all branches of industry.


We offer our customers the full extent of our know-how, ranging from development and manufacturing right through to assembly of the products.


mbo News

The entrepreneurs Andreas Osswald and Hanna Osswald are pressing ahead with new innovations.

50 years of mbo Osswald

From manufacturer of bolts to driver of innovation in mechanical linking technology


mbo Exhibitions

Motek 2017 - Stuttgart, Germany

Motek 2017 - Stuttgart, Germany

9. to 12. October / Hall 8 Booth 8231